Thursday, June 6, 2013

Forex Jokes : The rain rain rain came down down down...

The meteorologists predict that the situation will further deteriorate in the southern and southeastern parts of Germany. The Danube and Elba rose, and other rivers overflew their banks because of the incessant heavy rainfall. Bavaria has borne the brunt of the recent flooding. Several hundreds of its citizens were evacuated, the autobahns and railroad were drowned. The government has declared the state of emergency in ten towns, the residents of the small ones were transported to secure areas. The catastrophic large-scale surge of water has been recorded in Passau, which is surrounded by the Inn, Ilz, and Danube. The historical center was inundated, houses and basements were submerged, and the water level has reached 11 meters. The country's authorities have decided to involve the military to deal with the aftermath of the natural disaster. Angela Merkel has given the government directions to form  emergency services in order to help people suffering from the flood the most. The dwellers of potentially dangerous regions are asked to keep away from the rivers and take safety measures. The train traffic has been blocked, moreover, the railroad has been flooded, which has caused Deutch Bahn AG a modification of the train timetable and closure of most of risky destinations. The deluge made Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich cancel his visit to Turkey. The Germany's government is keeping the current state of affairs under the control. Thanks to the well-functioning system of notifications and operational work of the local municipalities heads, no victims have been reported yet.

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